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This blog is written by our students at our language centres around the world.  Their English levels range from complete beginners up to more advanced students and ages 7 to 17.  Please enjoy their work.

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Sports poster - detail

Irene’s Class – Projects for week of 18 July

This week Flavia di Scala, Aurora Galletti, Gloria Sala, Michela Rocco, Francesca Cortelezzi, Carola Caminiti, Federica Caminiti, Andrea Selleri and Sara Mariottimi gave a mouth-watering presentation about the typical food from the various regions of Italy. Anne Sommer and Juliane Kloechner wrote about the different horses of Germany and included a quiz at the end…


Irene’s Class – Projects for week of 11 July

Maria Horta Bellido, Naéma Agoun, Flavia Di Scala, Aurora Galletti, Paula Torrego Matesanz, Héctor Delgado Cagero, Lucia Jiménez Hernández and Paula Llavador Rubio created a presentation on the differences between England and their home countries (Spain, Italy and France).  Some of the students took their poster home with them when they left on 15 July,…


Zoo project July 2016

Here are some of the brochures and website home pages that Louise’s group at the beginning of the month did for their unique and very well thought out zoo projects. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing their presentations and being a part of their creativity.