Hi everyone,

We are three Italian students, Sara, Serena and Ilaria.

We arrived on Monday and we’re staying here until Friday.

During the morning we go to school and in the afternoon we have planned activities:

Firstly we left Italy on Sunday and we landed in Bristol airport and we came in Paignton by bus, then our host families came pick us up.

We personally like our host families, they are nice, kind, welcoming and funny.

We noticed many differences between Italy and England: first of all English people are more polite than Italians and also the food and weather (here it often rains) are different.

On Monday we went shopping in Torquay  (we enjoyed Primark, H & M, Poundland and many others), on Tuesday we walked around Paignton, on Wednesday we visited the local zoo. ( Paignton Zoo)

yesterday, in the zoo we saw a lot of different animals: the lion, the giraffe, the tiger, the hippos, the snakes, the spiders, the elephant, the cheetah and lots of other animals.